A few important features

August 5th, 2010| Posted by Andy Korth
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We got a few important things out of the way. Missions now save and let you resume where you left off. We actually got this working really nicely due to some good planning ahead of time. Missions you have completed the requirements for will be “reactivated” on loading your save- this phase is responsible for setting up the prerequisites for completing the mission. For example, it will spawn the core samples that you need to gather in the Rock Busterz mission.

It’s very neat and tidy.

Scott set up a layer based culling system that massively improves performance as you are zoomed out. It intelligently culls weapon effects and other effects based on their size. Once you’re zoomed out a bit, the gun flares aren’t drawn, but larger effects like missile trails will be drawn. As you zoom out further, even those disappear.

We also added some text messages that can show up in world space. These quick notes tell you how much money you made for destroying something, or how many core samples you’ve retrieved. They’re drawn in 3D in worldspace, so you get some neat effects as you fly past them.

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