A lovely backdrop

January 22nd, 2010| Posted by Andy Korth
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Great things happen on a great canvas, right? Scott’s been working furiously on some neat effects for drawing backgrounds in Solaro. Coloring the nebula in the background differently based on the area you are in is a great start in keeping the world memorable (which was one of our key goals). We want that world to be open and seamless too, so that means some kind of crazy zooming in on a huge colorful nebula. The graphics look great when you’re zoomed out all the way, or when you zoom into 13,000x to see your ship against a still clear and textured nebula.

Click the image to try out our playable demo in your browser. You’ll need the Unity 3D web player to try it out.

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Keys: Plus and Minus to zoom in and out. This demo features our 13,000x zoom system, our dynamic level-of-detail nebula, and it also shows off zooming to target and some rough HUD radar icons.

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