Abbotsford Police Department Collective Agreement

November 27th, 2020| Posted by admin
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The Abbotsford Police Department offers an innovative compensation and benefits package that reflects the advanced nature of the department. In line with ODA`s strategic plan and our commitment to our members, ODA has identified the issue of membership well-being as a priority and has developed programs to promote physical and mental well-being among its officers. We support a healthy and supportive work environment for all our members. The City of Abbotsford believes in dedicated, safe and dedicated staff. This is why a continuous approach to improving staff development is essential to Abbotsford`s success and to the personal success of everyone. The provision of effective and effective city services and programs depends on our individual and collective commitment to lifelong learning. If you are interested in a rewarding career with someone interested in anticipating the police, go to our Candidate Requirements page to make sure you are fit for ODA and ready to start the application process. The city offers opportunities that support staff learning through our annual corporate training schedule, interdepartmental training and professional development. ? If your crossword puzzles are complete, go to the Abbotsford Police Department on December 24 at the latest to be included in the draw. You can send your crossword puzzles by email to, mail or in person at the Abbotsford Police Department (2838 Justice Way, Abbotsford, BC V2T 3P5). If you personally turn off, public service officers will be available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m.

to 3 a.m. (employees will join you at the front door to get your entrance). ❄️The challenge is open to anyone who colors their crossword puzzles, participate in supporting local Christmas activities and applaud! The Abbotsford Police Department`s interactions with our community will be a little different this Christmas. To celebrate the season and stay connected to our amazing (but still physically distant!) community, we`re going to organize a Christmas Sprite Community Crossword challenge! ? What is the Christmas Sprite Community Crossword Challenge?… The AbbyPD “Christmas Sprite” will participate in a wide variety of Christmas activities around Abbotsford and give directions to solve the Crossword Challenge. Some issues are related to Christmas – and those that can be solved immediately. Others need additional information for some Christmas activities from Abbotsfords. Follow our social networks for clues to complete the Crossword Challenge, then submit your entire puzzle to be registered in a draw. ? On December 29, Constables Cuffs and Christmas Sprite will draw ten names to win one out of ten Christmas gift bags.

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