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We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of this Agreement at any time and from time to time, at our sole discretion, for whatever reason, by publishing an update of the terms of use without notice. We will post or post information about significant changes on the website on the website and/or otherwise on the website and/or by email on the site; the form of such communication is at our discretion. As soon as we publish them on the site, these changes will take effect immediately and if you use the site after it comes into effect, it means your consent to be bound by the changes. You should consult frequently and regularly verify the terms and conditions of this Agreement, including, but not only, additional conditions and the Privacy Policy, so that you are aware of the most current rights and obligations applicable to you and the terms of your agreement with us. However, the fact that the agreement is oral, but not written, does not affect it: verbal contracts are valid, although some contracts must be written under the Fraud Act, for example. B for land transfer. The channel up to VII may offer you the ability to sign up for promotions, services, messages, programming and information (all text services) that are provided via text messages on wireless devices such as mobile phones, and if we do, we will seek appropriate consent for text services in accordance with the type of text service and applicable laws, rules and regulations. Information requested or transmitted as part of the registration process includes your wireless phone number and may contain other information, for example.B. Your preferences for goods or services, selection of music or artists or other similar survey information and/or email address. Depending on the text service and the information collected, you may also be asked to confirm your consent to this agreement (including, but not limited to the privacy policy and additional conditions). The valuation adjustment mechanism (VAM), also known as the “loan-to-do agreement,” is usually concluded between an investor and the company or between an investor and a large shareholder. This agreement cannot be ceded either by me or my heirs, by dodging representatives, nor by successors. The Foundation may transfer or transfer or sublicensing the agreement or any of its rights.

Subject to the above, this agreement will be beneficial and mandatory for each of us and for our respective senior managers, members, members, agents, agents, heirs, outsiders, spouses, executors, administrators, legal representatives, substitutes and licensees.

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