Authorized Service Provider Agreement

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Major technology providers such as Apple, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo and Samsung are among the product manufacturers that have designated authorized service providers. Service partners in a given provider`s partner network can range from relatively small and highly specialized authorized service centers to large companies like Best Buy. In the business model of IT channel partners, the authorized warranty service is generally classified as Break/Fix-Services. A chain partner that offers De Rupture/Fix services typically does so as part of a broader service portfolio, which may include resale, implementation, and product integration. An authorized service provider, sometimes referred to as an authorized service partner, must meet a manufacturer`s standards to obtain authorization to repair equipment and may also be subject to certification control. Apple wants to ensure that all service providers are able to offer exceptional customer service to the highest standards in the industry. Apple Authorized Service Provider status gives your customers confidence and improves your reputation. You must return the product to AUXUSA or an authorized AUXUSA service provider in appropriate packaging that provides adequate protection against damage sustained during transport to the location indicated by AUXUSA. Authorized service providers, companies that have the right to offer repair services to all Apple customers. Authorized Service Provider (ASP) means a radio service provider that is authorized, certified and/or authorized by a radiocommunication manufacturer and registered with WyoLink for the maintenance of WyoLink-enabled devices.

Organizations seeking service provider status must have been in service for a reasonable period of time, with audited financial documents available for Apple`s control. A line of credit is required and must be agreed with the Apple Finance team in the relevant region. The organization should actively promote the Apple brand as part of its business with AppleCare service and support products. . . .

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