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However, there is a broad and very broad consensus that the source of the business value of information technology is not only the existence of information technology (with respect to hardware and software), but also organizational resources and complementary investments. ยง 106 (S106) Agreements are legal agreements between local authorities and developers; they are linked to planning permissions and can also be described as planning obligations. The simulation results were well aligned with the available monitoring data. It is widely recognized that the lack of a solid ethical basis for economic action has contributed to the serious challenges currently facing millions of people around the world. Since the production of Buna rubber was mainly intended for military use, it is recognized that, in addition to economic reasons – availability of labor and raw materials, proper construction, access roads, profitability – political and military considerations also played a role. Inspired by real events, the film tells the story of German prisoners of war sent to Denmark after World War II to clear anti-personnel mines. It is estimated that more than two thousand German soldiers, many of them young, under the command of German officers, but against the Geneva Conventions, removed mines, nearly half of which were either killed or wounded. . . .

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