Chipmunk 5.1

January 19th, 2010| Posted by Andy Korth
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Scott had a fairly free day today so he figured he’d get some of the trunk changes/fixes out into the wild.

OSX Demo Binary

Changes Since 5.0.0:

  • FIX: fixed a NaN issue that was causing raycasts for horizontal or vertical lines to end up in an infinite loop
  • FIX: fixed a number of memory leaks
  • FIX: fixed warnings for various compiler/OS combinations
  • API: Rejecting a collision from a begin() callback permanently rejects the collision until separation
  • API: Erroneous collision type parameterns removed from cpSpaceDefaulteCollisionHandler()
  • MOVE: FFI declarations of inlined functions into their own header
  • MOVE: Rearranged the project structure to separate out the header files into a separate include/ directory.
  • NEW: Added a static library target for the iPhone.
  • NEW: Type changes when building on the iPhone to make it friendlier to other iPhone APIs
  • NEW: Added an AABB query to complement point and segment queries
  • NEW: CP_NO_GROUP and CP_ALL_LAYERS constants
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