Chipmunk 5.3.0 and new video

August 16th, 2010| Posted by Andy Korth
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Chipmunk 5.3.0 is out! The biggest new feature is that I’ve added the ability for inactive objects to fall asleep, reducing the CPU and battery usage. There are a number of other smaller performance improvements and fixes as well.

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  • FIX: Fixed the source so it can compile as C, C++, Objective-C, and Objective-C++.
  • FIX: Fixed cp_contact_persistence. It was broken so that it would forget collision solutions after 1 frame instead of respecting the value set.
  • OPTIMIZATION: Several minor optimizations have been added. Though performance should only differ by a few percent.
  • OPTIMIZATION: Chipmunk now supports putting bodies to sleep when they become inactive.
  • API: Elastic iterations are now deprecated as they should no longer be necessary.
  • API: Added API elements to support body sleeping.
  • API: Added a statically allocated static body to each space for attaching static shapes to.
  • API: Static shapes attached to the space’s static body can simply be added to the space using cpSpaceAddShape().
  • NEW: New MSVC projects.
  • NEW: Added boolean and time stamp types for clarity.

We’ve also included the Objective-C wrapper as well as some sample code from shipping iPhone Apps. The primary advantages of a native Objective-C API include integrating with the Cocoa memory management model and the Chipmunk Object protocol. The Chipmunk Object protocol unifies the basic Chipmunk types as well as making it easy to create custom composite collections of the basic types. Additionally, the wrapper adds many convenience methods for doing common setup tasks as well as helper methods that integrate it with the rest of the Cocoa Touch API. The wrapper tries to do things the Objective-C way, adding useful method variations where it makes sense to do so. Objective-Chipmunk is cheap to license and it will definitely save you time and money developing Chipmunk based iPhone apps.

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