Community News Roundup.. with videos!

July 3rd, 2012| Posted by Andy Korth
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We’ve got a handful of small news items that weren’t big enough for their own posts, so now we’ll catch you up on some Chipmunk and Howling Moon news!

Bobo Explores Light.. and wins an Apple Design Award in the process! This is a great presentation/book game that uses Chipmunk for all sorts of interactive elements. It’s aimed towards children and does an amazing job demonstrating how a digital book can offer amazing interactive learning opportunities.

AtPlayMusic Recorder is an educational app we developed for a local client that uses the iPad to teach children to play the recorder, and features some pretty cool interactive tech. The iPad listens to the student play, and the app also features interactive games mixed in with an animated instructional lesson. Although it doesn’t use Chipmunk, we’re pretty proud of our technical contributions, such as an efficient avatar creation system, shaders for recoloring the avatar’s clothing, and microphone capabilities.

Jump Dewds is the latest game to come out of our friends at Graveck. If you’re looking for some free-to-play coin-grabbin’, lava-dodging, fun that is stuffed with a quirky cast of collectable dewds.. check it out.

And in the Chipmunk world, famous cocos2D guy Birkemose has been using the new deformable terrain stuff and making some really amazing demos. I’ll show off the flashy video here:

He explains his drawing technique used in the above video on his blog.  But he’s also got an explanation and a example project for a simpler version.

Finally, The Wind in the Willows is another eBook that uses Chipmunk for many interactive elements.

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