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Your counsellor must submit a report on secondary education, with an official transcript (including current courses) and the school profile. An Early Decision (ED) is a binding agreement in which students indicate that they will go to university after their adoption. Students can only apply to a school as part of this procedure. Because it is a binding agreement, the institution needs signatures from the student, the student`s parent/guardian and a school counsellor. 1. Applicants must read and sign the Ed agreement in their joint application account; A parent/guardian signature is required. He must then inform the advisor that he is ED. 2. The counsellor must then log into his account to read, sign and submit the DE agreement on his or her common school app account (if the counsellor has agreed to fill out online school forms). If the counsellor does not issue the school forms online, the student must print out the DE agreement (as part of the school forms section) and send it to the counsellor to send directly to the school.

Please note that the advisor is responsible for submitting the ED agreement once the student has entered into it. If students indicate that they are using ED in a school, the dashboard indicates that a new contract signature is required for advance decisions. After you apply, you will receive an email with a PIN code that will allow you to access WesCheck, your candidate portal, to track your application. Once you have decided to apply, choose Wesleyan as one of your colleges. Complete Wesleyan members questions with your application. Although Wesleyan does not prohibit international citizens seeking financial assistance from applying for financial assistance from attending both rounds of the early decision, note that due to the highly selective nature of our selection process for these students, it is unlikely that we will provide financial assistance to an international citizen seeking financial assistance. Most applicants who have made an early decision, who are international citizens seeking financial assistance, are deferred to the regular decision phase for review with the entire pool of candidates. Students applying for the Freeman Asian Scholarship (candidates applying for financial assistance and who are citizens or living permanently in China, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan or Singapore) should NOT apply for an early decision, as scholarship applicants are only considered as part of the ordinary decision. International citizens who do not apply for financial assistance may be solicited and considered in the first two decisions.

. Applicants to Wesleyan must submit the joint application or the coalition application (with membership questions) electronically. Yes, you can. A PDF version of the ED contract is available here: Downloadable ED Contract Note: Candidates for the Freeman Asian Scholars Program should visit the Freeman Asian Scholars Program website for application instructions. Wesleyan encourages applicants to apply for electronic teacher assessments through the joint registration website. Homeschool supplement (if any: only available on the common app site) Don`t worry, just check the app as no longer apply and start the process from the beginning. Your early decision application at Wesleyan University clearly includes the following: Send your application online via the website for joint or coalition applications.

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