Dogfighting, distances, and zooming

March 17th, 2010| Posted by Andy Korth
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Fast action dogfighting requires basic flight controls, but for what we’re doing, we also want a zoom system, with both manual and dynamic controls.

In classic space combat simulator games like Escape Velocity, there can be a lot going on off screen. You end up doing a lot of navigation by the small radar in the corner of your screen. We believe we can do better: Helpful zoom to target functions can ensure that the targeted enemy is always on screen- so the action is always looking great in the main view.

It also plays in with our topography. Imagine plotting a course on a zoomed out view, then zooming in to fly around planetoids and asteroids, and zooming in further to engage an enemy fighter. This doesn’t happen on separate map screens or in menus, but it’s all in game.

So yesterday we’ve got some basic flight controls working and zooming in and out. Scott’s figured out logarithmic zoom functions that go from 1x to 13000x. And it’s very smooth all the way in and out! We’ve got a grid to give you some reference as you move.

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