GDC 2010

March 18th, 2010| Posted by Andy Korth
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Our experiences at GDC 2010 have begun to sink in as we catch up on our work and email. Scott and I had a great time, and had the pleasure of meeting a bunch of fantastic people.

We met James McNeill; we’ve been reading his PlayTechs: Programming for fun blog for a few years now. He’s used Chipmunk in a few of his projects and has done a lot of fascinating procedural generation stuff. A lot of the things he’s done with his lunar lander prototype are similar to things we’re planning for Solaro, or things Scott has already mocked up (like plotting ballistic trajectories).

Valve had a strong showing at GDC, and we had the opportunity to chat with a few Steamworks people. Like everyone, we’re excited to see Steam on the Mac!

Our friends from Graveck Interactive were not only attending, but they also presented some of our contract work at the Unity3D booth. They treated us to delicious free tacos, and introduced us to a lot of Unity folks. We got to play with the upcoming Unity 3.0, which was a treat! I initially wasn’t sold on the new version, it has a lot of great features that we don’t really plan to use… But there’s more stuff than what’s on that list- a lot of little things to make life easier.

We caught up with Matthias at the IUGO indie dev party. He just released Zombie Smash! which is a fantastic castle defense style game that uses Chipmunk. We’ve been waiting for this one for a while, and it’s really well polished, the game looks fantastic. Matthias got a free Chipmunk t-shirt, so you know we really think the game is awesome.

We met a long time fellow iDevGames developer, Alex Diener, who recently quit his job to pursue a game development career. Tyrone Rodriguez from Nicalis was also there, so we chatted about Cave Story and Night.

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