Getting Ready for GDC

February 21st, 2011| Posted by Andy Korth
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It’s been a while since our last Solaro post. We’ve done a few small things with the game lately, but mostly our time has been focused on a large contract we started last month. It’s going great, and we’re hoping to have it completed ahead of time!

In the meantime, GDC is fast approaching, and we’ll be there again next year. As always, we’d be happy to meet with other fine game dev folks- just drop us a line. Comment here or send us an email at admin at howlingmoonsoftware . com.

We’ve still got plans for Solaro- we haven’t forgotten it or it’s fans!

  1. James McNeill
    February 22nd, 2011 at 07:58
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    Unfortunately I won’t be at GDC this year; Sucker Punch is in the home stretch on Infamous 2. Have a good conference!

    Updates here have been scarce lately so I hope Howling Moon’s been busy as well.

  2. Andy Korth
    February 22nd, 2011 at 15:23
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    Dang, sorry to hear you won’t be there James. Best of luck with Infamous 2 though! I’ve been following it, and I’ve been hearing a lot of good stuff! It’s earned a lot of mentions in GameInformer.

    Yeah, things are definitely going well here- we’re too busy, hence the delays with our personal projects…. but it’s better to be busy than not.

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