Twilight Golf Sound Engine

August 17th, 2009| Posted by slembcke
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As a designer of a video game physics library, I’m always thinking about ways to let the physics interact with other parts of a game and possibly even drive them. Lately I’ve been thinking about what kind of sounds we can put in Twilight Golf and how to drive the sound based on the physics as much as possible. Sound has traditionally been something that I’ve struggled with. It always seems to get left until the very end of the project, and I don’t want Twilight Golf’s audio to sound as though it was an afterthought.

I remember a few years ago reading an article about the physics driven sound system in Deus Ex 2 and was enthralled at the idea. My expectations fell flat a bit after playing the game and experiencing what they were describing. I think the effect was pretty subtle and didn’t stand out to me like a cool effect like doppler shifting the sound of a rocket buzzing by your head. It did make we wonder how you could use it to simplify the sound programming however.

Simplicity is a big thing that I’m going for with the Twilight Golf sound system. I started hacking out a few ideas in the last couple days and I think that it’s working pretty well. With only a few lines of physics and OpenAL code, I’m able to modulate impact sounds based on the strength of the impact and make doors creak based on their turning. Stay tuned for a video example in a day or two!

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