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However, as a result of the video conference, there was no discussion about the timing of a free trade agreement that has been under discussion for several years. The EU is India`s largest trading partner, with a double trade of $115.6 billion (101.3 billion euros) over the period 2018-19. Read more: The India-EU summit focuses on coronavirus, sensitive trade issues It should be noted that India has forged large free trade alliances with Asian countries (ASEAN, Japan, South Korea) around the GJ10. Despite this, the share of these markets in Indian exports has declined over the past ten years, from 51% to 46%. While over the same period, the share of our exports from traditional markets such as the United States and Europe increased from 38% to 43% when it did not have a free trade agreement with any of the countries in the region. “The EU has not had a trade commissioner for some time. There is now a new Trade Commissioner. He has written to our honourable Minister of Trade and Industry (Piyush Goyal) and the discussions are decencyed that he will soon hold a meeting of the high-level mechanism,” he said. Typically, trade agreements, including the one with the Association of South Asian Nations (Asean), have not worked in India`s favour, but experts felt that New Delhi should not only remain in common with other countries to stimulate trade, but also to be heard within the international community. Foreign Minister Harsh Shringla`s seven-day trip to Europe a few weeks ago is seen as an important development in this direction.

On Thursday, the first autonomous summit between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his counterpart Xavier Bettel was held via videoconference, the first highlighting the need to expand trade and economic cooperation between India and the EU. The Trade Minister will hold in-depth talks with the EU Trade Commissioner to speed up the India-EU free trade agreement. For more information on the EU-India strategic partnership, including trade and investment, see the EU`s new india strategy, adopted on 20 November 2018, as well as the Council`s conclusions. The two sides “welcomed the conclusion of various agreements between the two countries, including agreements between their financial market supervisors, stock exchanges and innovation agencies,” he said. Following an online summit between the European Union and India, the two powers announced the opening of a “high-level dialogue” on investment and trade. The details of a possible free trade pact remain uncertain. Japanese carmakers are asking the government for “me too” status if it decides, as part of the India-EU free trade agreement, to reduce tariffs on cars imported from Europe. As governments around the world increasingly reset their approach to trade agreements amid the coronavirus pandemic, the Narendra Modi government is stepping up efforts to renew India`s trade relations with the rest of the world by revising its free trade agreement or strategy for a free trade agreement or free trade agreement. These include reviewing and renegotiating existing free trade agreements with ASEAN, Japan and Korea, as well as strengthening trade alliances with the European Union, the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia. Fifth, it is essential for India to carefully select its new free trade partners. While the focus should be on countries with greater trade complementarity, making the EU, the UK and the US natural allies, it must be kept in mind that these countries are tough negotiators. The India-EU free trade agreement has been on hold since 2007, as there is no consensus on sectors such as automotive, alcoholic beverages, dairy and fishing services, RRI and fashion 1 (ITES/BPO) and fashion 3 (specialist professionals).

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