iPhone Physics Engine: Chipmunk 5.3.3 is out!

December 7th, 2010| Posted by Andy Korth
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Chipmunk is a high performance, MIT licensed 2D physics library with all the fixings. Written in C99, bindings and ports exist to over a dozen languages. Including an official binding to Objective-C that makes it fit right in on the iPhone. Chipmunk has been used on many platforms including the PC (Mac/Win/Linux), iPhone, Android, Symbian, DS, PSP, and even the Wii. It has been used for many chart topping iPhone games including Zombie Smash, I Dig It, Crush the Castle, Finger Physics, Doodle Army and more!

Get the source while it’s hot! (Mac/Win/Linux/iPhone/etc)

This update fixes a couple small bugs and adds a number of new features that have been requested. Other than further bug fixes, this will probably be the last minor release while work begins on major new features for Chipmunk 6.0.


  • API: Added cpArbiteGetCount() to return the number of contact points.
  • API: Added helper functions for calculating areas of Chipmunk shapes as well as calculating polygon centroids and centering polygons on their centroid.
  • API: Shape queries. Query a shape to test for collisions if it were to be inserted into a space.
  • API: cpBodyInitStatic() and cpBodyNewStatic() for creating additional static (rogue) bodies.
  • API: cpBodySleepWithGroup() to allow you to create groups of sleeping objects that are woken up together.
  • API: Added overloaded *, +, – and == operators for C++ users.
  • API: Added cpSpaceActivateShapesTouchingShape() to query for and activate any shapes touching a given shape. Useful if you ever need to move a static body.
  • FIX: Fixed an extremely rare memory bug in the collision cache.
  • FIX: Fixed a memory leak in Objective-Chipmunk that could cause ChipmunkSpace objects to be leaked.
  • MISC: C struct fields and function that are considered private have been explicitly marked as such. Defining CP_ALLOW_PRIVATE_ACCESS to 0 in Chipmunk.h will let you test which parts of the private API that you are using and give me feedback about how to build proper APIs in Chipmunk 6 for what you are trying to do.
  • MISC: Allow CGPoints to be used as cpVect on Mac OS X as well as iOS.
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