iPhone ScribBall Update

October 24th, 2008| Posted by slembcke
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I know many have been waiting for this for a long time! As a developer with a full time day job, it can be hard to keep on top of many projects in your spare time. Fans of the game should be happy to hear that I’ve been working on an update for the past week or so.

So far most of the work has been going into rewriting the graphics code. Along the way, I’ve made it quite a bit faster. This allowed me to increase the physics quality and add a ton more particles! It also gives some more room to add new features and effects.

The desktop version of ScribBall had a number of different types of powerup balls that added some interest to the game. While there were a number of different reasons why the powerup balls didn’t make it into the iPhone version, the biggest was that I decided that I really liked the simplicity of the game without them. On the other hand, many people really seem to want powerup balls and an extra game mode or two can only increase the replayability. Thanks to the reworking of the graphics code, this should be relatively easy. We’ll have to get a bit creative with the small screen size, but that’s never a bad thing.

Lastly, iPhone users will appreciate that we are adding game saving. No more calls interrupting your game!

Stay tuned for more.

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