Monodevelop and Unity3D

April 10th, 2010| Posted by Andy Korth
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I’ve recently been using Monodevelop with Unity3D and I’ve been pretty pleased. I tried it out a year or so ago, but found it to be very difficult to setup and not really worth the trouble. But my friend Jon from Graveck Interactive looked into it again recently and suggested I give it another try. I’ve been really pleased so far.

There’s a good short instructional guide on the Unity Answers page. Other than that, everything you need is on the Mono Develop download page, and the latest version of mono itself.

Meanwhile, we’ve had a fantastic response with great suggestions to our last post. Sorry if I was slow approving or replying to comments. I’m up to date now, and I’ll continue to watch the new comments on that post.

We met with our artist Thursday and discussed plans for more ship component, art styles, and some of the approaches we’re taking for allowing players to color their ship. I’ve also been continuing work on the ship creator, which now gives you information about the crew, mass, capacitor storage, and other numbers calculated based on your ship design.

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