Mouse Targeting, HUD, and more JSON

April 2nd, 2010| Posted by Andy Korth
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Today I got ships successfully loading from the JSON string! I created three simple save slots for persisting ships using Unity’s player prefs system. I don’t want to spill the beans before we’re done cooking them, but I’m hoping we’ll have a blueprint sharing system at some point. But the demos for that will come later!

Scott’s been busy working on various HUD items. We’ve got a zoom sensitive mouse targeting system. So things that are too large can’t be selected accidentally. For example, at a high level of zoom, you’ll click to select an asteroid. When you are zoomed very far out, the asteroids disappear and are replaced by a large asteroid field marker that encompasses the entire asteroid field. This would also prevent accidentally selecting a planet when you’re trying to select a turret mounted on the planet.

We’ve also added some placeholder graphics for reticles, target info popups, and an energy indicator. I have begun adding some logic to calculate values on your ship, such as the capacitor recharge rate, so that’s reflected in the energy indicator on the bottom left. Adrian has made some awesome asteroid pieces that break up, so start shooting!

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