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On December 21, 2016, the NDB signed its first loan agreement. [16] According to former Reserve Bank of India Governor Raghuram Rajan, the NDB is “an effort of cooperation between all BRICS countries.” “We have already concluded a reserve agreement on the emergency reserve (CRA). It`s second place. Let`s see how it evolves. There is a lot of hope in them for greater cooperation (between) the BRICS countries,” he told reporters in February 2016. [45] Each member designates its central bank as custodian, where the bank may keep its assets in that member`s currency and other assets of the bank. When a member does not have a central bank, it appoints, in agreement with the Bank, another institution for this purpose. On July 15, 2014, the first day of the 6th BRICS Summit in Fortaleza, Brazil, the BRICS signed the New Development Bank Agreement, which includes provisions on the Bank`s legal basis. [1] In a separate agreement, a $100 billion reserve pool was set up by the BRICS.

[6] The New Development Bank would have an initial $50 billion in underwritten capital and $100 billion in authorized capital. The capital initially subscribed is divided equally among the founding members. Each member`s voting rights correspond to their shares in the bank`s share capital. Agreement between the New Development Bank and the Government of the Federal Republic of Brazil regarding the admission of the regional office of the New Development Bank Americas to the Federal Republic of Brazil (EN, PT). NOTE the work of the respective ministries of finance; CONSCIENTS of a context in which emerging and developing countries still face significant funding constraints to fill infrastructure gaps and meet sustainable development needs; In July 2014, Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz said the NDB was “fundamentally changing global economic and political power.” “Existing institutions simply don`t have enough resources,” he said. [42] New Development Bank has an initially underwritten capital of $50 billion and an initially authorized capital of $100 billion. The capital initially subscribed is divided equally among the founding members. The payment of the amount initially taken out by each founding member to the Bank`s paid-in capital is made in 7 dollar instalments. [1] Each member cannot increase its share of the capital without the agreement of the other four members. The Bank will allow new members to join, but the share of BRICS capital should not fall below 55%. [23] According to the New Development Bank`s statutes, the bank`s initially authorized capital is divided into 1 million shares with a face value of $100,000.

Each founding member of the bank initially subscribed 100,000 shares, for a total of $10 billion, of which 20,000 shares correspond to the freed-up capital, a total of $2 billion and 80,000 shares with a rufable capital, for a total of $8 billion. [1] In the event of an emergency, the Board of Directors may temporarily suspend the activity with regard to new loans, guarantees, insurance, technical assistance and participation until the Governing Council has the opportunity to continue the reflection and action.

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