New Missions and Content

July 29th, 2010| Posted by Andy Korth
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With a lot of the core gameplay of Solaro roughed out, we’ve started work on generating some content. This step is key in figuring out the “flavor” of the world and direction of the game.

Rock Busterz Mining Corp Click for a larger image.

Here we’ve got a set of missions near the starting area. I think there’s some good variety. We have a new set of art- we’ve got 10 different space buildings. These add a lot of flavor to the area and make places recognizable and unique. We’ll show more about those later!

This mission string starts off simply- just by shooting some asteroids. After that, there’s some exploration, finding core samples off a missing mining survey ship, destroying the pirates around a new ore location, and finally setting up a new mining base for Rock Busterz.

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