New Playable, Building and Flying Ships

April 24th, 2010| Posted by Andy Korth
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The last few weeks of work have finally resulted in something playable! In this demonstration, you can construct your own ship and then click “Fly Me!” to try it out!

This demo features our newly rewritten swept collision system. The behind-the-scene enhancements make optimizations for static geometry, hierarchical collision shapes (only check against the many spheres of an irregular object if the potential collider has entered a parent bounding sphere), and a type pairing collision system, which gives us fine grain control over what collides with what.

You’ll also see the new ship creation system which doesn’t have those strange rotation bugs that would occasionally show up when you place weapons on wings. I spent two days fighting with quaternions and vector math as I reworked how everything connects. Unfortunately, it mostly looks the same, so you’ll just have to trust me that it’s different under the hood.

You’ll also find a bunch of new ship components modeled by Adrian! I’ve added actual scripts, so you can see how various ship components affect your crew complement, energy capacity, etc.

Click the image to try out our playable demo in your browser.

Controls are on the demo page.

A few known issues… The shield flashes we had working a few days ago are off, for the moment. We took out the AI ships for now, but we’ll have them back in soon. It does seem like rotating your starting ship piece may mean your ship isn’t rotated correctly when you bring it into the game- I’ll look into that. Finally, I have some nice ideas on how to redo the interface on the ship builder so it’s not so painful.

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