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The articulation agreement for the interdisciplinary studies program is available to students to obtain a physiotherapist`s assistant in applied science (AAS) and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in interdisciplinary studies of the GSU. The next is presented as a articulation agreement between Morton College (MC) and Governors State University (GSU) for the Community Health Degree Program based on current catalogs of both schools. You should apply to the institution for financial assistance in the granting of financial statements. You can benefit from a financial support consortium agreement if you take courses from both institutions simultaneously during your transition semester. A new agreement between Morton College and the University of Northern Illinois will make it easier for Morton College students to obtain a university degree that will put them on the path to professional success. They meet regularly with DePaul Transfer Admission Advisors and participate in special events for transfer students. As part of this articulation agreement, the National Louis University automatically accepts in its entirety an applied science associate in Early Childhood Education, a partner in Arts, a partner in Arts in Teaching and up to ninety (90) semesters of credit earned. For more information, please see the following conditions: All students who are U.S. citizens or legally resident in the United States and who attend a U.S. university (including community colleges) or university have the right to apply. The scholarship is open to students of all majors for their first semester at the University of Salzburg. The Bachelors of Science in Health Sciences program is designed to prepare students for health and other health-related fields.

As part of the concluding agreement, the Dominican University automatically accepts in its entirety an associate of applied science in business management or accounting of Morton College and up to sixty-eight (68) hours of credit earned per semester. The Pursue UN agreement creates many opportunities for Students at Morton College. More information can be found on the “Promotion of the Education Program” page and download an information brochure. The student would receive an Arts Associate (AAS) in MC`s Physical Therapy Assistant and a Bachelor s of Health Science (BHS) in GSU Community Health. For more information, see the Articulation Agreement (PDF). As part of the Guaranteed Admissions Program, you can attend more than sixty (60) bachelor`s programs at Northern Illinois University. Admission to the University of Northern Illinois does not guarantee admission to limited admission programs. Restricted programs may consider a higher MPA and/or other admission requirements. See the full list of Limited Admission programs. You can be classified as a “pre-major” until you have met additional requirements that may include specific coursework, minimum grades, complementary and sophomore or junior standing documents.

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