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Any short-term position may be tendered as a possibility of secondment. As a general rule, the Member`s appointment for the duration of the secondment is reduced to zero hours and the person is appointed to a secondment position within the new division that pays the salary directly. Leave/sick/other conditions: the conditions relating to leave and sickness are modified so that the worker is in contact with the company or university with regard to all periods of leave or illness that fall during the period of posting. A short-term position, identified as a potential secondment opportunity, may also be a retraining opportunity for a staff member. As far as possible, the post should therefore be subject to a vacancy notice: if a person is to be seconded to an external company or university, the secondment can be done in one of the following ways: “This inevitably means that the members of the university are confronted with opinions that some consider worrying, extreme or offensive. The university must therefore promote freedom of expression within a robust framework of politeness. Not all theories deserve the same respect. A university emphasizes expertise, intellectual performance and openness. The Director of Human Resources may allow a position to be limited to internal candidates for another reason that is not contrary to the spirit or principles of recruitment and selection or any other directive on higher education.

For departments: the possibility of offering secondments to staff can improve career, motivation and morality, and improve networking and teamwork throughout the university. Secondments are a valuable means of covering resources in the event of staff absences or short-term projects. The seconds that arrive at the university can also offer valuable outside perspectives. A service wishing to propose a secondment position should prepare a job description and consider the selection criteria for the position to be normal and obtain the necessary authorizations and authorizations. Richard Dawkins agreed with Jonathan Herring at The Blue before saying on Twitter that where an internal secondment is being considered temporarily in the short term, it usually takes no more than 12 months. As a general rule, a “secondment” is not immediately confirmed unless he or she is successfully appointed following an external recruitment procedure. While departments should not inappropriately deny a person`s permission to accept a possibility of secondment, there may be cases when it is not operationally cost-effective to release the person. As an indicator of normal employment in the corresponding area of the employment area (depending on the type of position), but with the following statement in the job description: “Employment may also be offered as a possibility of reduction”. It is important that all parties are aware of their responsibilities, expectations and responsibilities. Departments that choose to offer a secondment position rather than temporary employment should be aware that they assume responsibility for the organization`s full employment costs (including expenses related to absence of illness, annual leave, etc.) in the same way that they would have designated the person as a fixed-term worker.

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