Ship damage and new engine animations

May 18th, 2010| Posted by Andy Korth
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We’ve been working on a few neat new essential features.

First, we’ve got ship damage working. Individual components can be critically damaged. This might mean a weapon won’t fire, or an engine will produce less thrust. Once you lose your critical components (all the cockpits) or 80% of your ship’s total health… kaboom! We might play around with the damage mechanics a bit more, but things are currently looking pretty good.

We haven’t been happy with our particle engine effects as we’ve moved towards small intense engine flares. So we’ve now got a new system that avoids some of the problems we’ve run into with Unity’s particle systems. There is a very nice animation as the engine is firing, and we have easy control over the colors shown in the flame. The size and length of the flame scale to represent how far each engine is turned on.

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