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Financial support: The franchisor offers an equipment rental program. The franchisor considers the rental of equipment as an actual lease and not as a finance lease. Equipment leases are concluded for a period of five years. The franchisor offers to fund $10,000 of the initial franchise fee under its minority loan program for eligible franchisees who purchase their first franchise at the full $15,000 franchise fee. The franchisor can lend money to franchisees as part of a Subway restaurant. The terms and objectives of these loans are negotiable. The franchisor may modify or cancel these loan programs and the equipment rental program without notice to the franchisees. Subway franchisees are entitled to accelerated and optimized processing of SBA loans through the SBA`s franchise registry program. You understand that in exchange for your acceptance of this paragraph 12, we may offer you the use of the Website in accordance with the terms and that your acceptance of this paragraph 12 is an indispensable consideration for this agreement.

You also acknowledge and understand that with respect to any DISPUTE: d) Start-up costs will be borne entirely by the Franchisee. (e) The franchisee and the franchisor shall bear the costs of equipment equally. Contract and renewal period: The duration of the franchise is 20 years, with the exception of satellite restaurants and the school meal program. The deductible is automatically renewed for another 20 years, unless one of the parties decides not to renew it, with the exception of satellite restaurants and the school meal program. The franchisor has the right to refuse renewal if the franchisees do not fully comply with the regulations. If the franchisee violates the provisions of the franchise agreement with respect to binding arbitration or limitations on damages, or against which he/she may arbitrate, or the appropriate venue for a suit, the franchisee must pay Subway`s fees and expenses of a person who is not properly named, including attorneys` fees; the franchisee is responsible for the misuse of the procedure. The Site may contain links to job postings posted by us or Subway restaurants®. Opportunities posted on are only with the restaurant and not with us or our affiliates. This means that the restaurant that booked the opportunity is solely responsible for determining the job requirements, all hiring decisions, and all other employment-related issues in their company.

We will not receive a copy of an application that you submit to a restaurant that is a franchise and operates independently. We do not check if you receive an interview or if you are hired. We do not control the employment policies and practices of franchisees. Neither we, DAL nor our affiliates employ independent franchisees. If you are hired by a franchised restaurant, only that franchisee and neither we, DAL nor our affiliates are your employer. Not all information available on the Site is intended for an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise. This is for informational purposes only. In the event of any conflict or otherwise interpretation, the wording of the Subway┬« Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”) shall prevail. The franchise offer is made only by brochure. An offer to sell a franchise is only launched by delivering the FDD to you in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission`s franchising rule and the various local laws that govern the sale of franchise opportunities.

Franchise Description: The franchisor is Doctor Associates LLC. The franchisor offers qualified buyers the right to build and operate a retail facility from a single location that produces and sells six-inch-long flatbread and sandwiches, salads and other foods. Other franchise options include: non-traditional locations, airport terminal, theme parks and national parks, satellite sites, community development program sites, military base locations, and co-branded locations. c) The amount of cash available to the franchisee should be a minimum of $80,000. Training Overview: All individuals who sign the franchise agreement as a franchisee must successfully attend and complete the two-week global training program to the franchisor`s satisfaction. Before participating in the training program and after purchasing a franchise, the franchisor may require franchisees to work at least 40 hours at an existing restaurant in their area. To be successful in the training program, franchisees must: (i) have perfect attendance; (ii) a score of 80% for all required online training and in the in-store component of the course; (iii) an average of 80% of the quizzes in class. The face-to-face portion of the training program is offered in Milford, Connecticut. The On-The-Job Training Center is a subway restaurant located in the immediate vicinity of the training center in Connecticut.

Classroom work takes about 54 hours and franchisees have about 33 hours of on-the-job training. Franchisees also have two to three hours of homework per night. Franchisees will be notified when additional courses are required. A Subway franchise agreement is a legal document that is created whenever a person wishes to open a Subway group franchise. Subway is a famous brand with a chain of fast food restaurants serving underwater sandwiches. According to the contract, the franchisee must comply with the standards established in all Subway stores. Obligations and Restrictions: Even if franchisees do not personally supervise their restaurant, they must complete the training program satisfactorily, unless the franchisor allows otherwise. Even if franchisees choose to hire a manager to oversee their restaurant, the franchisor strongly recommends that they personally devote a lot of time to the franchise business. Franchisees must operate the restaurant in strict compliance with all methods, procedures, policies, standards and specifications required of the subway system in the operations manual and other writings issued by the franchisor. f) The franchise must have at least six employees at the point of sale.

This arbitration clause does not modify or modify any rights or obligations under franchise agreements, development agent agreements, supplier agreements, supplier agreements or other contracts you may have with us or our affiliates. All disputes under these agreements will be resolved in accordance with the dispute settlement provisions of these agreements. If you or your parent or guardian do not agree to the Terms, you must immediately stop using the Site. We will not knowingly allow anyone under the age of thirteen (13) to provide us with personal information about themselves (such as name, email address and telephone number) over the Internet. If a minor has provided us with personal data without a parent`s consent, we ask the parent to contact our data protection office without undue delay: . . .

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