Twilight Golf Prerelease Giveaway

January 19th, 2009| Posted by Andy Korth
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Get a free pre-release copy of Twilight Golf; we’re giving out promo codes for Twilight Golf- one day before the big release on October 21st!

We need your help to get the word out about our new iPhone game. So we’re asking you to Twitter about Twilight Golf or to join our Facebook group. In exchange, we’re going to give promo codes out a day before the game is released. You can use them immediately and get the game before it even appears in the App Store (yeah, we tested it).

On October 20th, we’ll go through the list of fans and choose 10 randomly and send them promo codes- easy!

Or, twitter about us and include the hashtag #twilightgolf. On October 20th, we’ll search for that hashtag, make a list of names, and give out another 10 promo codes randomly. Feel free to link to this thread, or whatever.

You can enter the drawing twice, but if the same person wins we’ll give the second prize to someone new.

You can find out more from our webpage:

Finally, we’re also looking for more reviews. We’ve got some press resources on our webpage at and we’d be happy to give out promo codes to reviewers. Email us at admin at and be sure to include the name of the site you represent.

Finally, a huge thanks to everyone participating in this giveaway and helping get the word out. We can’t make it as indie game developers without your support, so it’s really appreciated!

Andy and Scott
Howling Moon Software

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