Unlawful Secret Agreement

December 19th, 2020| Posted by admin
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Trade secrets are important for all sectors, including services. SMEs and start-ups are more dependent than large companies because they do not have sufficient resources to search for, maintain and manage a patent portfolio, confirm the market and handle disputes and disputes involving patent infringements. In some cases, companies and inventors may act with limited financial means on the basis of secrets, which are a cheaper way to use and manage the results of their innovation efforts, although they are less secure as means of protection. Trade secrets are also used for information of commercial value that is not protected against intellectual property, but which require investment and/or research and which are important for innovation (a new business idea, a perfume recipe or a recipe for a food product). The consultation showed that 73% of SMEs who responded felt that legal protection against the misuse of trade secrets should be addressed at EU level. For 67% of SMEs, trade secrets have a very positive effect on their performance in terms of innovation and competitiveness. About 40% of respondents were other interest groups than industry-related interest groups. All contributions to public consultation and summary contributions are available: trade secrets complement intellectual property rights (IPRs). They are widely used in the creative process that leads to innovation and the creation of intellectual property rights.

For example, before an invention is patented, the inventor treats it as a secret, because if it is known to all, the invention loses the necessary requirement of novelty. As a result, trade secrets are the source of patents (new inventions), copyrights (a new novel or song), trademarks (a brand new product) and designs (a new vehicle model). If you still haven`t solved the crossword warning of illegitimate secret agreements, then why not search our database for the letters you already have! Trade secrets are another form of appropriation of intangible assets that largely complement the protection of intellectual property, the difference being that, in the first case, exclusivity of rights is not granted.

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