Upgraded Flight Computer

April 30th, 2010| Posted by Andy Korth
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Scott and I finished up a few cool flight control options. These are a few very math heavy functions that are useful to both the player and the AI. As we worked on them, they became very generalized and can be easily combined for many effects:

  • Match orientation of a target
  • Face a target
  • Turn opposite of your velocity (for fast braking)
  • Thruster firing to stop at a point

The interesting part is that these functions are generally mathematically optimal- they are the fastest ways to rotate to a point and to get to the point without overshooting it. That means  optimal usage of main thrusters for acceleration and the side thrusters for turning.

So what are we using this for? We can combine these features for a number of features. We’ve implemented a simplified player control system. It automatically adjusts to fly in the direction you are pointing. It also features a brake key that will spin you around to stop you with your primary engine.

Upcoming is an enemy AI that will do cool stuff like fly to their optimal weapon range and hold a relative position to you.

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