Upshot in the Mac App Store

June 21st, 2011| Posted by Andy Korth
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Well, it’s taken longer than we expected, but Upshot is now in the Mac App Store!

Share the link with your friends! 😉 I’ve just started a sale- reducing the price to $8.99.

Upshot is basically a program we created for ourselves. Scott and I need to share screenshots of our work easily and quickly. The ability to send a screenshot of what you’re working on to someone else instantly can really improve your workflow. We realized others would appreciate this sort of sharing, so we converted our quick-and-dirty scripts to a fully fledged application.

It took a few tries before Upshot was accepted into the store. We had to make a few changes regarding how Upshot’s “Launch Application on Startup” functionality worked. We also had to replace some frameworks that made private API calls. Sometimes it’s tough to play by Apple’s rules, but we’re hoping to see at least enough sales to make up for the couple days spent updating the app for the Mac App Store.

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    Hey this is a actual cool website

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