Usea Entry Agreement

October 13th, 2021| Posted by admin
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But not all mandatory taxes are mandatory for both entries (USEF Drug and Admin Fees and other horse-specific fees are not all required) In Step 5 (Fees and Donations) There is this question: Be sure to answer “yes” to this question when entering for the second rider – this automatically eliminates unnecessary fees for the second entry. As a parent who has the role of trainer (also known as the adult responsible for the horse at the exhibition site), a minor rider and/or owner does not have to pay a non-membership fee to USEF/USDF. Just below where you select the coach for your entry (first page of the entry process), there is a question: “Are you a parent of the driver/owner” Be sure to say “YES” to this question so that these fees are not charged. UseF/USDF can take up to 72 hours to update its databases after you log in or renew. We regularly leave their databases directly. This means that as soon as they are updated, we have saved your maps. We recommend that you submit and pay if you need to receive your entry before it is updated. Just bring your tickets to the show when you check in. This way, the Show Office knows it needs to make a refund Once the systems are updated, your entry will be automatically updated with your new cards…

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