We got a lot done!

May 28th, 2010| Posted by Andy Korth
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The last few days have been pretty productive. Scott did some cleanup with the collision detection system, we added and polished missiles (they now have some really cool seeking and turning behavior), and we made some improvements to the flight system. We’ve got a cruise control mode, which allows for easy flying, and we’ve also got manual flight mode. We’ve settled on a good solution for working with component damage- we’ve worked out a system that allows bullets to penetrate a line of components, potentially damaging them. The system also deals damage to your ship- too much damage to your ship, and it blows up, even if all the damage was directed through the middle of your ship. We also improved the shield generator’s graphic effects and behavior.

Finally, we made our first quest today. We’ll have a detailed post about our very flexible quest system coming up soon.

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