We’re doing contracts!

July 13th, 2010| Posted by Andy Korth
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This has been a busy week for us, so I figured it’s better to inform our devoted readership regarding our activities. Plus, it should be interesting.

While we’re not working on Solaro, we take a variety of contracts to make ends meet. While I won’t give out specific details, you’re probably interested to know what sort of things we do.

Our biggest contracts are Unity3D contracts. We provide programming services on fairly large games (probably about 6 month long dev cycles, with up to 5 people working on them). These games are for large media companies that want to promote their products with a game. It’s a pretty good deal, since I’m sure it’s cheaper than a TV ad, and you’re actually engaging children with the brand in a fun way.

We also do a variety of iPhone work- especially work related to Chipmunk Physics. For obvious reasons, we’re uniquely skilled for working with Chipmunk. In the past, our customers have requested also requested sound engines, ragdoll support, vehicle setup and support, chipmunk based scene and level editing software, Cocoa and Core animation based games, and more!

So I’ll end the post with a plug: If you or anyone you know is interested in expert development, especially for physics in games, please contact us, or visit our contracting page.

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