Zoom Marketplace Developer Agreement

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2.3. The use of the service by the licensee and its end-users in connection with the materials is subject to the conditions of the ECJ and all directives www.zoom.us/legal. The Zoom Marketplace, available on marketplace.zoom.us, is a zoom-hosted website to promote Zoom-approved applications and make them available through mobile and desktop client applications. In addition to testing compatibility with Zoom, Zoom does not do any further testing and does not guarantee or support applications. You must make your terms of use, privacy policies and support information (“Your Conditions”) available to zoom Marketplace using your app. Zoom users can access your apps from Marketplace and download them subject to your terms and conditions. Zoom is not obligated to list or publish your apps in marketplace and reserves the right to remove them from the Marketplace at any time if you do not comply with these Terms of Use or if Zoom believes that applications should be removed under compliance, customer protection or other business laws. To start things off, there is the design of their market place. They chose a relatively minimal style – white background, black text and flat logos – that gives users a sense of satisfaction only when they look at the site. The layout of the page is intuitive, with an encouraging explanatory banderty at the top, categories on the left and applications that are in the center. This landing page is what you see when you first browse the Zoom market. Areas that have been added to apps make features available and access zoom APIs. Zoom expects all developers to allow Scopes to develop functional, logical and professional wet princes for their applications.

If you don`t use correct API requirements for a given area, an application is rejected. Zoom recommends selecting only the minimum areas needed for the application to work. The proven method for Landing Page URLs is to use a deeply linked URL that sits behind a paywall or login system (so that your system can identify the user by requiring the first authentication) and, after successful authentication, redirect the user to your “deeply linked” landing page URL (example: foo.tld/integrations/zoom). A private application is an application created by and exclusively for a single developer account. These applications are not publicly displayed in the app marketplace and cannot be advertised in a public document or public website. To distribute private apps to your account users, use the publication URL to ask users to install on their zoom client. If your app requires extra time for beta testing, you can request sharing your app outside your account. This is approved and supervised by the marketplace team. We use quality to distinguish the Zoom Marketplace from all other application markets. We focus on “quality above quantity for each application published in the Zoom App Marketplace.” Why if it was easier to pack as many applications as possible as long as they meet the basic requirements? Read here the announcement by lawyer developer Benjamin Dean for zoom API Marketplace.

“Data,” all data and content downloaded, posted, uploaded or provided by users via the Services, including messages, files, profile information, text, documents, audio and video files, still images and anything that is entered or downloaded by the Service user. “Your data” refers to all the data that you, anyone acting on your behalf, or any user of your app, post on a website or transmit Zoom in relation to the use of the services. Zoom uses your data only in relation to website maintenance, service delivery, and the compilation of usage statistics via your app in accordance with these Terms of Use and as stated in Zoom Online`s privacy policy under www.zoom.us/privacy

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