Twilight Golf Release Date Bungle

October 20th, 2009| Posted by Andy Korth
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Twilight Golf was released overnight, and we searched through the new releases lists on the App Store for our game. Alas, we’re on page 7 due to a reported release date of October 7th, two weeks in the past.

Unfortunately, this is a pretty big deal. Although Touch Arcade posters have been really excited and saying favorable things about the game, the simple fact is that most app buyers are only looking at the App Store. We’ve know first hand how App Store exposure helps; Crayon Ball was featured before, and that made a big bump in sales… And this isn’t the first time we’ve missed the recently-released list.
Twilight Golf

So what’s the problem here, Apple? In order to organize any sort of a release, you have to be able to have a set release date. In spite of all the many problems with the App Store review process, you could argue Apple is doing their best with the reviews. It’s a lot of apps for them to sort through, and approval isn’t always black and white.

However, if you provide the ability to set a release date for an application, make sure it works. Setting a future date so you can coordinate advertisements and promotions with the app’s release should NOT start you weeks back in the new release list. This should be a black and white issue.

Worst of all, I don’t really have any recourse for this. The “Contact Us” section on iTunes Connect doesn’t actually let you contact people- it’s just a faq. Apple has made it clear they don’t want to hear from developers, unless you’re Google and the FCC is involved. Simply put, being on the new releases list in the App Store is key, and I think we were screwed out of that list. We miss the new releases list, we risk missing the exposure needed to get in the top 100 lists. It’s tough trying to make a living when seemingly small problems with the App Store can really throw you.

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UPDATE: We’re definitely not the only ones affected by this same issue. The same thing happened with Paul Smith’s most recent app, Ask The Hoff. Likewise, there’s a at least two threads on the topic at Touch Arcade about the problem (mine and an older thread).

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