Andy’s Contest Game: Leader of Mans

October 13th, 2011| Posted by Andy Korth
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“All of creation is at your fingertips. Your mans look to you for guidance. Lead them to greatness.”

Leader of Mans was my entry for the uDevGames contest. uDevGames is the big Mac game development contest. It’s a multi-month contest with very few restrictions, just make a game and share it!

Leader of Mans was sort of an experiment for me; the game ended up being an interesting exploration based RTS god-game. I had a lot of fun putting it together and figuring out where I wanted to take it. I think a driving force was to make unique challeneges on each island. and to make advancing to each island feel like a new experience, while retaining what you’ve lovingly constructed on previous islands. I have a lot more ideas and plot I could add, but I think what I’ve got is pretty satisfying as a complete experience.

Leader of Mans got a fantastic review that walks you through the game and has some great screenshots.

Download and Play: Leader of Mans

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