Announcing Twilight Golf!

August 12th, 2009| Posted by Andy Korth
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Our latest iPhone game is well underway! Twilight Golf  is the first iPhone game to feature realtime dynamic shadows; combine that with great physics-based puzzle gameplay and you have a definite hit!

This is just the first teaser shot in our series about  Twilight Golf- we’ll be posting new screenshots as we make new levels and add new features. Note the three light sources in the shot. The light on the player’s ball (left), and the goal orb (right), are subtle yellow pulsing lights.

In  Twilight Golf, you progress through a series of levels like the one above, each with a different challenge or puzzle. By swiping your finger, you bounce and roll your ball over to the goal orb, touching it to light it up.

Check out this early version of the gameplay on youtube. You’ve got to see the shadows in action to get the full effect!

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