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November 9th, 2008| Posted by slembcke
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I’ve been working on my Chipmunk Physics library a lot lately. While ScribBall used this library to power it’s physics, it tapped into only a fraction of it’s power. A dozen or so other games (that I know of at least) use Chipmunk to power their gameplay as well.

I’ve completely rewritten the old joint code to be more generic, extendable and easier to add new joints. You can now tweak many parameters on individual joints such as a maximum force. Using some of these parameters, you can use joints to make winches or servo motors. I’ve also added a number of new joints such as damped rotary springs, angle limits, gears and a joint wrapper that allows joints to be broken.

Check out some of the new videos:

You can be certain that we’ll use some of these features in our future games. 🙂

  1. RYErnest
    December 1st, 2008 at 00:52
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    Nice post u have here 😀 Added to my RSS reader

  2. Bjorn Stabell
    December 1st, 2008 at 22:38
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    Sounds really sweet! Will these changes make their way into Chipmunk? If so, when?

  3. Bjorn Stabell
    December 1st, 2008 at 22:39
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    Duh, looks like it’s there already! 🙂

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