Inventory, Balance, and Bug Fixes

June 21st, 2010| Posted by Andy Korth
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We’ve recently made some big strides in cleaning up some of the backend code for handling how ships are put together and how collisions are handled. We uncovered a few bugs with calculating the center of mass of a ship and its moment of inertia. It’s now much more robust as you edit an existing ship, or pieces of your ship are destroyed. Now that this is cleaned up a bit, we can start experimenting with some ‘real’ values for engine thrust and component masses.

I’ve found that your ship’s turn speed and acceleration is too easily changed by adding components, and it’s easy to end up with a ship that’s a lot slower than you expected- so I’ve begun a spreadsheet to balance everything out.

We’ve also got a start on the player’s inventory, their hangar, and what sort of things enemies can drop when you kill them. Our main goal here is to keep it simple- we especially want to avoid having the player do much inventory manipulation- we want the player to focus directly on the fun stuff!

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