New Control System

October 8th, 2010| Posted by Andy Korth
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Getting the controls just right for Solaro has been something we’ve put a lot of work into. So we’ve continued to refine how you control your ship in order to maximize the fun for everyone.

We’ve found that choosing just the right control scheme depends on a lot of factors in a game. Different acceleration rates and flight speeds work better with different sorts of control schemes. In Solaro, our zooming system and universe setup differs from other games, so we’ve had to do a lot of experimentation to get things just right.

With the new default control scheme, the flight computer will make the necessary adjustments to keep your ship flying in the direction you’re facing.

This change went hand-in-hand with a change to how the turreted weapons work. We’ve removed the fixed and partially rotating turrets. This greatly simplifies the user interface when the player is making a ship- we’ve removed some buttons and made it easier to use. But more importantly, since all weapons rotate towards a target, we’ve been able to make the changes to the flight controls because strafing is no longer an important part of flying. This lets the player focus more easily on flying and combat and makes it more enjoyable.

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