Scheduling Agreement Advantages

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“Planning agreements are used when products are purchased for large quantities at high frequency. It is precisely in the automotive sector that it is a common mode of supply. The principle is to have an object – the delivery plan – with the appropriate quantity and conditions, to plan the entries as “appointment positions” (according to order requirements) and to send the orders – the “shares” to the supplier in relation to the delivery plan. Versions are created for a defined horizon and updated at defined intervals. In addition to operational approvals, it is possible to send forecast releases to suppliers to inform them of future requirements. In this way, the delivery plan is an object that supports collaboration with the supplier.┬áDelivery plans are similar to quantity contracts, as they are agreements between the debitor and your company to order certain quantities of a product. However, while quantity contracts do not contain delivery dates for materials, they are delivery plans. An RV-Outline Agreement Requisition order request can be created manually by a customer with retail items (item category – Foreign work). The order requirement can be converted into a delivery plan. The delivery plan is subject to approval on the basis of pre-defined parameters before generating a delivery plan or schedules (manual or implementation) and transmitting them to the subcontractor. Delivery is established and goods are ordered and delivered to the subcontractor.

With the delivery of the finished equipment, the receipt of the goods is established. The billing process is then triggered. 1. With delivery plans, you can reduce processing times and paperwork in your business. Planning agreements can replace a large number of standard POs or unlocking contracts. The delivery plan for his SA is not independent evidence, but is part of the delivery plan. Purchasing through delivery plans allows you to reduce the volume of documents used. If you use delivery plans with sharing documentation, the delivery lines will not be sent directly to the creditor. First, the lines of the delivery plan that are stored in the system for an LPA delivery plan are reserved for internal information. Through this process, you can change the way classifications are represented. With the output documentation, you can view the SAP Calendar Agreement in the APO can be tracked in the output collaboration process within SNP.

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