ScribBall updated to v1.1 and on sale for 99 cents

May 9th, 2008| Posted by Andy Korth
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Howling Moon Software has released ScribBall 1.1, an update to their arcade game for iPhone and iPod Touch, especially entertaining for gamers who enjoy games that give you money. Utilizing simple touch controls with realistic physics, ScribBall is an addictive, yet easy-to-learn tumbling ball arcade/puzzle game. By leveraging the iPhone’s unique abilities and interface, ScribBall makes full use of the tilt feature. As gamers move their iPhone from side to side, the balls will tumble and roll naturally as they fall. 

ScribBall is the iPhone adaptation of the Mac version. Driven by a simple point-and-click interface, ScribBall is easy to learn. When a group of four colored balls touch, they will pop and an avalanche of new balls will tumble in to take their place. Quickly and strategically tap out a few balls to set up the next match even before they settle into place. If gamers are swift enough, they’ll add to an ever growing combo. 

Version 1.1 sports many new improvements and polish throughout. ScribBall now pauses and can be resumed when users receive a call. And by improving upon efficiency, the new version leaves room for more special effects; there are now three times as many particles. ScribBall boasts a variety of special effect balls, such as the explosion ball, the wildcard ball, and the locked ball. These added elements were the most requested feature and have added a new level of game play. 

Highlights include:

  • New special balls featuring explosions, wildcards, locked balls, and more
  • Realistic physics – balls tumble and roll as they fall
  • Easy to pick up addictive gameplay
  • Change the direction the balls fall by tilting your iPhone
  • Fun hand-drawn graphics

“This latest release adds variety and depth to the game,” cites Andy Korth, co-founder of Howling Moon. “A lot of people missed the powerup balls from the Mac version, and I’m glad we’ve got them on the iPhone now. We’ve addressed the number one customer request by bringing in the special balls, and I’m sure everyone will love it.” 

Pricing and Availability:
To commemorate this update, for a limited time ScribBall 1.1 will be on sale for 99 cents (normally priced at $3.99 USD) and available exclusively through Apple’s App Store. 


Based in Shoreview, Minnesota, Howling Moon Software is a privately funded company co-founded in 2008 by Scott Lembcke and Andy Korth. Both are alumni of the University of Minnesota, Morris, and graduated in Computer Science in 2007. With an focus on the Mac and iPhone platforms, Howling Moon’s devoted to creating quality software. Copyright 2008 Howling Moon Software. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries. 


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  1. Martin
    December 20th, 2008 at 22:39
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    Heya Scott and Andy, I was just surfing around and thought I’d say that I really dig the update. One feature I’d still really like is named high scores (for when I had my phone to someone else and they decimate my record)… awesome update though!

    I’ve been playing on and off with iPhone dev myself, (I’ve met you guys a few times now at IGDA) and recently started in earnest on a new project. A co-worker had spent a long weekend beginning to port Chipmunk physics into x-code (specifically into objective-C objects that wrap the chipmunk objects), and since a lot of that work had already been done, I decided to use that as my starting point. (I’m curious now, how you guys handle that… maybe I’ll find out in Feb!)

    I hadn’t realized I’ve already met and talked to the guy who wrote Chipmunk until just tonight… heh. Congrats on the update, and thanks again for releasing Chipmunk!

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