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The advantage of these plants over forage plants is that they can be harvested and transported and do not need animals grazing on site. Click here to access the enselage production agreement RELATED RELATED STORIES Food shortage: support for low-load farms to grow more enselage It is either the number of hectares or the number of tons of dry matter that are purchased. Since it is impossible to accurately predict the yield of the crop, many contracts provide that the buyer agrees to purchase a certain number of hectares of dry matter maize silage. In this case, the buyer receives the total product from the indicated area, but pays for it on one kilogram of dry matter. If we consider that half of the second cut closure is already consumed, Teagasc estimates that the national food deficit is 28%; Many farms have deficits of more than 40% of needs. The contract usually mentions who is responsible for organizing the subcontractor for corn silage harvesting and freight from the producers` harvest to the buyers` property. The costs of harvesting, cradle and freight are usually the responsibility of the buyer, which is usually stated in the contract. Contracts may provide details of the producer`s responsibilities if the producer is unable, for any reason, to provide all or part of the quantity of corn silage agreed to in the contract. Among the factors to consider, a corn silage contract has been developed by the drilling trading development group and is available on the Foundation of Arable Research website under the following Http:// ®, SM, ™ marks and service marks of Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. It should be clarified that the crop must be free of toxic chemicals and must be harvested after the necessary waiting times for pesticides and herbicides.

This is the price per hectare or per kilogram of drymatière. In the case of a crop purchased per hectare, the contract should indicate in detail how the area is determined. All weight-based crops marketed must be weighed on weighing bridges authorised by weights and measures. There is a free “Code of Practice for Trading Maize Drilling” at the Foundation for Arable Research, PO Box 80, Lincoln 7640, or phone 03 325 6353 or on their website:…

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