Travel Expenses Agreement

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The maintenance allowance (per day) is paid in lump sum and is considered to cover all costs of the place of production, including accommodation, food and local transport costs (such as taxis or other public transport). – national or international travel from the person`s normal place of residence or place of work (place of departure) to the place of production or transfer or production; If the person uses buses, shuttles or other public transit during the main trip from the point of departure to the airport or station (both lanes) and from the production site to the airport or station (both lanes), these costs are refunded on the basis of the ticket. If you wish to travel related to work, [office manager/personal assistant/HR] will usually arrange most of your accommodation and transportation costs and document these fees. You must: – The person has an explicit agreement with the organization that represents them, and allows the reimbursement of the costs in question on his personal account. This explicit agreement, in the form of a formal declaration signed by the authorized person within the organization represented, must be attached to the financial identification form. If the person uses his own car or a car provided by his employer, the travel expenses are reimbursed on the basis of the mileage allowance according to the website of Fleet News Comparative (standard based on a low rate of 0.11 percent per mile). In this case, the registration number of the vehicle used and the full address of the place of departure must be indicated on the application form or in the e-mail for refund. The total distance (miles) that must be indicated in the application form or email is calculated on the basis of the recommended route on the Fleet News website or a similar formula. The following types of travel expenses can be reimbursed: Travel expenses include all types of transportation and accommodation costs incurred during a business trip. Expenses related to this category, which may be fully or partially refundable, include: reimbursement of expenses is made in GBP by bank transfer. If the amount shown on the application form is expressed in another currency, the refund of the GBPs fees is made by bank transfer at the rate in effect on the day the conversion is calculated using the daily GBP rate published by the competent banking authority.

Request for reimbursement of the fees in question on my personal bank account. In the event of a trip to a production location where guests make their own arrangements, no compensation or amount is paid, unless they are agreed by a note or e-mail prior to departure. The fee claim form is completed and duly signed by the person concerned. It must be accompanied by supporting documents and the financial identification form (if applicable, see section 3.3). If by email it should be copied in how is or it will not be accepted. Travel expenses are reimbursed on the following basis: However, if public transport is inadequate or if no food allowance has been previously agreed by a note or e-mail, the rental of an appropriate vehicle may be proposed, but should be pre-defined and agreed with the production company.

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