Chipmunk2D Physics

Chipmunk2D Physics is our high performance, cross-platform, 2D rigid body physics library. Chipmunk is used in countless games and libraries across dozens of platforms.


We maintained the cross-platform, open-source 2D game engine, Cocos2D. Our expertise brought high performance physics to the engine and a new renderer that featured multi-threading, fast culling, streaming vertex buffers, and Metal support.


Our Unity3D clients have ranged from two major Fortune 500 companies to local tech startups. We've done everything from 3D platformers to music education software with plugins for chord recognition.

Galactic Guardians, a Cocos2D rendering tech demo, features screen space distortion, burning debris shaders, single-pass parallax backgrounds, and more. (Youtube, source, iTunes)

Super Fast Soft Shadows brings our great shadow rendering technology to Unity3D. Available on the asset store!

AtPlayMusic iOS apps do audio recognition to evaluate students as they play on flutes, trumpets, and more. We even created guitar chord detection algorithms!

Our latest news:

September 29th, 2017
Comments Off on Improved Lerp Smoothing.

A Useful Snippet: A lot of game developers will recognize this line of code: value = lerp(value, targetValue, 0.1); It’s super useful, and can be used for all sorts of things. With a higher constant, it’s a good way to smooth out jittery input from a mouse or joystick. With a low constant, it’s a […]


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