Game Development Services

We currently offer a variety of game development services at reasonable rates. We do top quality iPhone and Unity3D work. In particular, we are uniquely qualified to offer assistance with the Chipmunk Physics engine, a popular 2D physics engine used in many iPhone games, often through libraries like cocos2d. Our client list is currently private, but please contact us for more information.

  • iPhone Development
    • Experienced developers with multiple featured apps
    • Pushed the device to its limits with our SHADE shadowing engine
    • Provide an immersive fusion of physics, sound, accelerometer control, and gameplay
  • Chipmunk Physics - help specifically with physics setup in your game, by the authors of the engine itself!
    • Custom joints
    • Solving performance issues
    • Experience with iPhone specific issues
    • We've done vehicles and their suspension systems, ragdolls, character controllers for platformers, machines with gears, camshafts, and pulleys, robotic walkers, and more.

We developed the physics scenes within Alice in New York for Atomic Antelope.

Our work has included non-game apps, like the 2010 European Music Awards app for the iPhone and iPad.

We developed the bike physics and ragdoll for the new version of Mobile App Center's Dirt Bike Xtreme.

We've developed four large Unity3D games for two major Fortune 500 companies. Although we can't share the details publically, please contact us for our Unity game portfolio.

For more information and availability, please do not hesitate to contact us at admin (at)

Due to NDAs, references are available only by request.