August 8th, 2010| Posted by Andy Korth
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We’ve added a faction system to Solaro. I hinted at it in a previous post, but now I’m ready to explain it in more detail.

Factions provide a lot of flavor to the world. It’s part of the setting, but more than that, it provides a new way for the player to interact with the world. Different factions will be set to be at war with each other- other factions will come to the aid of their friends.

Meanwhile, the player is in the middle, and their actions will influence how the other factions view them. Running missions can affect your reputation with different factions- and who you blow up also has a significant effect. All in all, this is a pretty typical system- but there’s one concept we’ve found that very cleanly offers some advantages.

The player has separate temporary and permanent reputations with each faction. This offers a great balance between making ¬†yourself a permanent enemy of a trading corporation or just angering a single member. If you’re in good standing with a faction, a few accidental stray shots won’t anger them too much. However, a full blown attack will always have some response from the attacked fleet. Really good relations will cause them to overlook a few destroyed vessels- they give you the benefit of the doubt. But with repeated attacks, they will eventually decide to destroy you on sight.

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