Solaro: Skirmishes Playable!

May 4th, 2010| Posted by Andy Korth
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Since we’ve been pretty busy these last few months, we wanted to share what we’re currently focusing on with Solaro. Solaro: Skirmishes is a space flight simulator action game that focuses on arena based combat. As you win each arena, you are awarded new components, such as weapons, shields, missile launchers, and hull pieces to add to your ship.

This gives us a great testing ground to see what kind of combat is fun. We can test the balance between different weapons and shield setups. Our previously mentioned mission system allows us to easily create a variety of different sorts of arenas.

Right now, we’re just showing off the basic framework of the arena combat system. We’ve retooled controls and redone a lot of artwork. There are still a few rough spots that we’re redoing, but this is a good example of what’s to come.

Click the image to try out our playable demo in your browser.

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Controls are on the demo page.

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