You wake up on the surface of an unfamiliar planet... The last thing you remembered was the doors of the escape pod closing in front of you, and flames filling the window. As you look around, you can see another escape pod entering the atmosphere, leaving a trail of smoke. There are other survivors on this virgin world.. and more landing every day. Thousands were on your ship, now can you work together to survive.. to rebuild...

Reclaimed was originally developed for the uDevGames contest. I don't regularly keep the Reclaimed server running, since we're focusing on Solaro. For more information about Reclaimed, or if you really want to play, email us.


Reclaimed Screenshot

Reclaimed is a multiplayer RPG focused on creation. As you explore and complete quests, you may also build yourself a home and develop your skills. In Reclaimed, you advance by improving your skills through skill trees. As your construcion skill improves, you may construct new furniture, learn new skills like carpentry and stonecrafting.

Although Reclaimed is far from completion, I've already been astonished by what players have created.

Downloads and links:

Support Reclaimed Development (and get cool stuff):

I'd love to work on Reclaimed forever, but I do need to pay rent and buy food. So I need your support; By purchasing 'contribution points', you help fund the game, plus you can spend them on cool in-game items and extras. A few examples:

  • Extra property: protect more land
  • Unique Items: for example, the Contributor's Crown gives you a 25% chance of gaining extra skill points.
  • Custom items or objects, contact me to discuss prices and abilities
  • Custom changes, like name changes, region renames, etc.
  • Addition of custom artwork, sounds, or music that you supply or request.
Since the game is currently in beta, I am willing to replace spent points whenever they are desired. Since many parts of the game are changing rapidly, I want to make players feel safe using points. For example, if you purchase an item with contribution points and a new skill makes that item less useful, just let me know and I'll return your points so you can respend them as desired.

For full details, see the Contribution Points page. Thanks for the support!