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Twilight Golf and Twilight Golf Lite have been approved by Apple and will be released October 21st, 2009.

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  • Twilight Golf works with the iPhone and iPod Touch

Press Releases:

October 21st, 2009 (Shoreview, MN): Howling Moon Software releases Twilight Golf!

Twilight Golf is platformer-esque adventure through the dark reaches of Twilight Temple. Players swipe to move through physics puzzles to reach the goal in as few strokes as possible. Brought to you by the developers of Crayon Ball, the critically acclaimed iPhone Apple Staff Pick, Twilight Golf features Chipmunk Physics and Howling Moon Software's new SHADE shadowing engine, the first real time dynamic shadowing system seen on the iPhone.

Twilight Golf Lite is available for free and contains a sampling of the levels available in Twilight Golf.

  • Takes full advantage of the powerful Chipmunk Physics engine
  • Uses our new SHADE shadow engine for amazing lighting effects
  • 30 unique puzzles, with intricate handcrafted levels
  • Captivating ambiance, haunting music, physics based sounds, and stunning visuals

Each puzzle has you trying to reach the goal using the fewest strokes. Blocking your progress are a number of obstacles such as teeter totters, gears, ratchets, drawbridges, swinging chains, gravity orbs, sticky orbs, levers, flip flops, elevators, and much more! Beyond the great gameplay are top notch graphics and the physics based sound system. Twilight Golf is an iPhone adventure like no other.

I didn't know what to expect when I first opened up this application. But, as I started to play, I recognized the physics elements in the game and started to enjoy it immediately. The first level hooked me already. The visuals are very nice and polished. The various levels provide for very unique gameplay, where trial and error is mixed with strategy and timing. - Kong Shi

Pricing and Availability:
Twilight Golf works with iPhone 3G, the original iPhone, and iPod touch. It's available on the App Store after October 21st, 2009. Twilight Golf costs $2.99, and the lite version is free!


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